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Plaster moulding restoration for classic homes

When you want to maintain the natural beauty of your home, using a plaster moulding restoration service can help you do so. Using techniques that have been around since the 19th century, we at Stead's Fibrous Plasterers restore plasterware throughout the UK.

Using traditional plaster restoration techniques

Plaster Mouldings have been manufactured in our premises since 1889. If it's a prominent feature in your home, using traditional plaster restoration techniques helps it maintain its authentic charm.

Maintaining fibrous plaster mouldings

•   We can maintain fibrous plaster mouldings

•   Our plaster moulding restoration techniques focus on the original design

•   Using restoration techniques, you can avoid expensive replacements

Looking for new plaster mouldings?

As well as offering traditional plaster restoration, we produce fresh fibrous plaster mouldings. Call us to see if we offer the plastering services you need.